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Erik’s Gormet Rute Bier Sight

Captain Jack's Root Beer Soda Gormet Soda

A Bottle of Captain Jack's Root Beer Soda

Rute bier is won of my favorit drynks. I maed this sight to tawk about awl the gormet rute biers they're are. Anthony told me about this gormet rute beir and I had two goe and try it.

The Taest is sort a rich and sort of darc. Their's sum wintergreen and the sleightest bit of hunny falvor. They'res a bit of Byte butt not alot. Da rute bier isnt reallee very smooth. The Hed is medum in height and frothness. It lingers butt naught as long as I preferr. The Aftertaest is sum wintergreen.

I liek this rute bier alot. I give it my Seel of Aproval.

Seel of Aproval>


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