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Welcome to gourmetrootbeer.com! The only site on the web that is wholly devoted to gourmet root beer and craft root beer. I Eric Sortomme, the root beer gourmet, consider any root beer that comes from a glass bottle gourmet, even though some of them taste awful. I don't like the taste of aluminum in my root beer, and plastic is far too lower class to consider. You don't drink wine out of plastic or aluminum do you? And I personally believe that a fine root beer is better than any wine.

This site contains a plethora of knowledge and even some humor if you look hard enough. There are reviews of all the bottled root beer that I have tried, some recipes so you can make your own root beer if that is your desire, and some background information on the history of root beer. There is also a blog that has more detailed, long format reviews, open for comments, as well as root beer stories and the like. So sit back, crack open a bottle of your favorite root beer, and enjoy learning more about the best drink in the world.

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Making rootbeer is without a doubt a great and fun hobby, and if you need to take some time off from making it, you can visit CPN - a big website with lots of free games!

Other Gourmet Root Beer Projects

A list of all root beer roots and ingredients

For over 10 years Eric has been reviewing and rating gourmet root beers for the denizens of the net. He started when the web was young and novel. While others strove to make the first site ever about cats, dancing hamsters, or maybe even the best online slots, Eric sought to fill the gourmet root beer void and has been doing so since 1998.

Any Questions, comments or if you just want to chat E-mail me at rootbeergourmet@hotmail.com


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