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Welcome to gourmetrootbeer.com! The only site on the web that is wholly devoted to gourmet root beer and craft root beer. I Eric Sortomme, the root beer gourmet, consider any root beer that comes from a glass bottle gourmet, even though some of them taste awful. I don't like the taste of aluminum in my root beer, and plastic is far too lower class to consider. You don't drink wine out of plastic or aluminum do you? And I personally believe that a fine root beer is better than any wine.

This site contains a plethora of knowledge and even some humor if you look hard enough. There are reviews of all the bottled root beer that I have tried, some recipes so you can make your own root beer if that is your desire, and some background information on the history of root beer. There is also a blog that has more detailed, long format reviews, open for comments, as well as root beer stories and the like. So sit back, crack open a bottle of your favorite root beer, and enjoy learning more about the best drink in the world.

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Any Questions, comments or if you just want to chat E-mail me at rootbeergourmet@hotmail.com


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